Here Comes the Rain!

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ISBN-13: 9780593384008
Ginjer L. Clarke
September 6, 2022
Hardcover| 48 pages
Juvenile Nonfiction / Readers / Intermediate 
Ages 8 to 9, Grades 3 to 4
Learn about whether or not animals around the world can sense the weather (spoiler alert - some can!) in this photographic nonfiction leveled reader perfect for kids interested in real-life animals that can do unbelievable things! Did you know that sharks have such sensitive hearing that they can tell when hurricanes are coming? Or that you can tell when it's about to rain when sheep start huddling together after they sense a storm on the wind? These animals are real-life weather predictors!   With simple language and vivid photographs, Here Comes the Rain!: Can Animals Predict the Weather? is perfect for emerging readers curious about the natural world and the fascinating abilities of the animals that live within it.

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